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The Pretty Blue Seagull - Frank Claudy


The Pretty Blue Seagull - Frank Claudy

$ 16.00

Frank Claudy – Flute, Whistle (Frank plays John Gallagher D and Bb flutes, John Sindt Bb, D and Eb whistles, a blackwood Lon Dubh D whistle by Pat O’Dwyer and a Michael Burke A whistle)
Paul de Grae – Guitar and High Guitar
Patrick O’Dea – Steps
Anne Skelton – Vocal
Joe Skelton – Flute,Whistle (Joe plays a concert flute by Chris Wilkes and a Bb Grinter whistle)

  1. Edward Cronin’s Banish Misfortune
  2. Garden Of Daisies
  3. Casey The Whistler)
    Beamish’s Goat
  4. The Humours Of Listivain
    Girl Of The Big House
  5. The Pretty Blue Seagull
    Julia Delaney
  6. Dr. Taylor
    The Musical Priest
  7. Knuckeen Free
  8. The Dublin
    The Green Branch
    Miller’s Maid
  9. The Parting Glass
  10. Smash The Windows
    Lord McDonald
    The Halfway House
  11. Bold Johnny O’Leary
    A Fig For A Kiss
  12. New Year’s Night
    Curragh Races
  13. The Dear Irish Boy
  14. Father Dollard’s Favorite
    Priest With The Collar
  15. Old Nora
  16. Charming Mary O’Neill
    Captain O’Neill
  17. Yellow Flail
    Joy Be With You
  18. Trying To Go To Sleep
    Marble Steps
  19. The Parting Glass                                                                                             " It is the finest and most authentic modern collection of recordings of tunes from the historic and enduring O’Neill collection....." Tara McGovern

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