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Three Colours Ginger - Brongaene Griffin with Kevin Burke


Three Colours Ginger - Brongaene Griffin with Kevin Burke

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Griffin, Brongaene
Three Colours Ginger - Brongaene Griffin
with Gerry O'Beirne and Kevin Burke
and special guests Johnny B. Connolly, Nancy Conescu, Bob Soper, Elizabeth Nicholson, and Jim Chapman

Produced by Gerry O'Beirne

Brongaene (also known as Bronnie) Griffin is a highly talented fiddle player from Portland, Oregon. Her interest in Irish music began when she was a teenager. Already a very accomplished player of American Old Time and Bluegrass tunes, a chance meeting with Kevin Burke led to Bronnie becoming his fiddle student. Kevin later introduced her to producer/guitarist Gerry O'Beirne and the seeds were planted for this unique and exceptional recording project. 

In keeping with the cat "theme" of the album Bronnie is donating part of the proceeds of this recording to benefit various cat rescue organizations. She has been a dedicated animal welfare worker for many years and she even persuaded Kevin Burke to record four "cat poems" in celebration of her feline friends. These readings have been deftly woven into the CD by producer Gerry O'Beirne and engineer Billy Oskay.

1 COLOURPOINTE....The Cat in the Fiddle Case/The Fisher's Hornpipe
2 TORTOISESHELLED CHESHIRE....The Cat of Cats (William Rand)/The Orphan/The Stray Away Child
3 GORBY....Gorby and the Rats (Obeyd-i-Zakani)/In the Tap Room/The Foxhunter
4 CALICO....Tail Chaisers/Sport
5 BLACK CAT....Where's the Cat/Behind the Bush in the Garden/The Cat Rambles to the Child's Saucepan (Mary Willie's)
6 TUXEDO....Planxty Hewlett
7 THE CATS OF KILKENNY....(Anonymous)
8 MARBLED GINGER....The Cat in the Corner/The Cat's Meow/The Campbells Are Coming
9 SMOKEY....I'll Buy Boots for Maggie/Eileen O'Keefe's/The Bike Trip
10 TOTEM....Margaret's Waltz
11 FIVE EYES....Walter de la Mare
12 COPY CAT....250cc to Vigo/Mick O'Connor's Reel
14 HONEYED CAT....The Wedding Reel/Trip to Herve's

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