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Pulling Strings - Maire Breatnach & Cormac De Barra


Pulling Strings - Maire Breatnach & Cormac De Barra

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Breatnach, Maire & Cormac De Barra
\r\nPulling Strings - Maire Breatnach & Cormac De Barra

Tarraing T�ad / Pulling Strings comprises 12 tracks primarily focused on the music of the harpers. It also features an eclectic mixture of tunes arranged for harp and strings by Cormac and M�ire, accompanied by Cormac's brother Fion�n de Barra on guitar and bodhr�n.\r\n\r\n

"This is the pair's first recording as a duo. A finely spun tribute to our rich harping tradition, from the finesse of the opener, Planxty Sudley or Carolan's Dowry, to the pinprick precision of Miss Hamilton, composed by 18th-century Kerry composer Cornelius Lyons, Pulling Strings is a celebration of the magic that can flow between harp and fiddle and viola, with ample space between the notes for the melodies to find full expression. There's a depth of interpretation here that will surely lure its share of new listeners to the music. Fion�n de Barra contributes occasional subtle guitar accompaniment, but this album soars on the energy of harp and viola, richly arranged." - 4 Stars - Siobhan Long\r\n

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