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Piper's Choice -  Vol 3 - M.Coyne, N. Mac Carthaigh, P. Keenan


Piper's Choice - Vol 3 - M.Coyne, N. Mac Carthaigh, P. Keenan

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Keenan, Paddy & Mick Coyne & Nollaig MacCarthaigh
\r\nPiper's Choice - volume 3


On this recording three masters of the uilleann pipes play favourite pieces\r\nfor the instrument, and explain their approach to the pipes and to the\r\nmusic, giving viewers an insight into the processes of choice and necessity\r\nthat bring great piping into existence.\r\n

Mick Coyne\r\n\r\n

1. Rolling in the Ryegrass / The Flogging Reel (Reels)\r\n
2. The Honeysuckle (Hornpipe)\r\n
3. Poll Ha�penny (Hornpipe)\r\n
4. Off to Skelligs / The Midnight Ride (Quadrilles)\r\n
5. The Wounded Huzzar (Air)\r\n
6. The Maid in the Cherry Tree / Boil the Breakfast Early (Reels)\r\n
7. I am a Rambling Irishman (Song)\r\n\r\n

Nollaig Mac C�rthaigh\r\n\r\n

8. Coppers and Brass / Cail�n an T� Mh�ir (Jigs)\r\n
9. Jerry Daly's / An Tr� is a Rian / Scully Casey's (Hornpipes)\r\n
10. Hey for Stoneybatter / Give us a Drink of Water / A Fig for a Kiss (Hop Jigs)\r\n
11. Kitty in the Lanes / Mother's Delight / Port na Giob�ige (Reels)\r\n
12. Johnny Seoige (Air)\r\n
13. The Pigs Eating Nuts in the Woods / Tom Barrett's (Polkas)\r\n\r\n

Paddy Keenan\r\n\r\n

14. Paddy Fahey's (Jig)\r\n
15. John Walsh's (Air)\r\n
16. Coppers and Brass / The Rambling Pitchfork (Jigs)\r\n
17. The Broken Pledge / The Skylark (Reels)\r\n
18. The Coolin (Air)\r\n
19. Molly B�n, The Blackbird (Air & Set Dance)\r\n
20. Willie Coleman's, Scatter the Mud, The Old Favourite (Jigs)\r\n\r\n

Presented by Peter Browne pipers choice\r\n\r\n\r\n

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