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Pulling Out The Stops - Dan Possumato


Pulling Out The Stops - Dan Possumato

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Possumato, Dan
\r\nPulling Out The Stops - Dan Possumato
\r\nTraditional Music & Song of Ireland
\r\nCD 2010 Castagnari melodeons and button accodions by Bertrand Gaillard & Saltarelle are featured\r\n

A 10% donation from the sale of this album will be made to the Gerard McDonnell Memorial Fund.\r\n

1. Kenny's Favourite/The Controversial Reel/Johnny �Watt� Henry's 3:14 \r\n
2. Dermot Grogan's/The Gaelic Club/The Haunted House 3:10 \r\n
3. Boys of Mullaghbawn 3:44 \r\n
4. Miss Langford's/Miss McGuinness/The Reel of Sceach 2:40 \r\n
5. An Dro /Jack Ryan's 3:08 \r\n
6. Hard Times Come Again No More 3:53 \r\n
7. Terry 'Cuz' Teahan's/Peter Wyper's 3:06 \r\n
8. Boys of Tandragee/Jackson's Morning Breeze/John McKenna's 2:52 \r\n
9. Bodhr�n Solo (feat. Gerard McDonnell) 3:00 \r\n
10. Molly Brannigan (feat. Gerard McDonnell) 2:20 \r\n
11. Planxty Dermot Grogan 4:02 \r\n
12. Tommy Peoples/Boogie Reel/Donegal Traveller 3:32 \r\n
13. Hilda's Choice/Millbrae 4:08 \r\n
14. Welcome Paddy Home 3:05 \r\n
15. Little Stack of Oats/The Cat in the Fiddle Case 3:04 \r\n
16. Tinker Hill/Jose McDermott's/The Tailor's Thimble \r\n

When Dan's first CD Land of Sunshine came out, RT� dubbed him �a great accordion player.� Now he proves that again with a marvellous, well-played collection of tunes and songs, many not often recorded, that is sure to delight. He is joined by a strong cast of friends, including Kevin Burke, Teresa Baker, and Mick Mulcrone. \r\n\r\n

�One of the common characteristics of the older generation of traditional musicians was the respect they gave to "The Music", understanding that regardless of their individual talents they were servants of the collective tradition. It is heartening to hear a recording that keeps this in mind with excellent playing, interesting tune selections and extensive liner notes and one that is blessedly lacking any electric "improvements" or hint of an orangutan playing a didgeridoo as a special guest! Dan and almost all of the additional musicians participating are Portland, Oregon residents, showing the remarkable universal appeal of Irish music and that Portland does, in fact have some, talented residents.\r\n

A very enjoyable listen. Well done�. � Mikey Beglan\r\n\r\n\r\n

Another of the musicians featured on the album is Dan's good friend, mountain climber Gerard McDonnell, from Kilcornan, Co Limerick. Gerard was the first Irishman to reach the summit of K2, regarded as the most dangerous and challenging of all the earth's highest mountains. Sadly, Ger and ten other climbers didn�t make it back and died on the descent. As a tribute, Dan has included two bonus tracks by Ger, one of him singing sean-n's and another of a fabulous bodhr�n solo captured live at a folk festival performance in Alaska. A portion of the sales proceeds of each album is being donated to a memorial fund set up in Gerard's name, which will assist the children of the Sherpa and Pakistani porters who also died in the calamity.\r\n\r\n\r\n

Dan Possumato � melodeon, button accordion;\r\n\r\n
Kevin Burke � fiddle;\r\n\r\n
Mick Mulcrone � bouzouki, flute, vocals;\r\n\r\n
Teresa Baker � piano;\r\n\r\n
Brongaene Griffin � fiddle;\r\n\r\n
Quentin Cooper � tenor banjo, mandolin, guitar, bouzouki;\r\n\r\n
Andrew Dall � bodhr�n;\r\n\r\n
Bob Soper � guitar;\r\n\r\n
Elizabeth Nicholson - harp;\r\n\r\n
Gerard McDonnell � bodhr�n, vocals\r\n\r\n

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