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The Lights of Ranzanico - Diarmaid & Donncha Moynihan


The Lights of Ranzanico - Diarmaid & Donncha Moynihan

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Moynihan, Diarmaid
\r\nThe Lights of Ranzanico - Diarmaid and Donncha Moynihan
\r\nCD 2010

Diarmaid's new album, The Lights of Ranzanico, is a collaboration with his brother, guitarist and producer Donncha Moynihan. It is collection of beautiful original tunes fused with Irish and European melodies. It once again demonstrates his creative vision and extraordinary lyrical approach to using the sound of the uilleann pipes across a wide range of music.\r\n

The two brothers from Cork are widely acknowledged as two of Ireland's finest musicians. They first teamed up in 1996 when they founded, Calico, a ground breaking traditional band, who released two award-winning albums, Celanova Square and Songdogs. The band were one of the most influential ensembles to come out of Ireland and they toured throughout Europe and the USA appearing at many of the major folk festivals. Diarmaid Moynihan is regarded as one of Ireland's most creative uilleann pipers and composers. His music has been recorded by some of traditional music's greatest musicians including: L�nasa, Flook, Michael McGoldrick, Spiritu 986, Gr�da, Kathryn Tickell and Kris Drever. He has appeared in concert and recorded with Bristol based jazz quintet Carmina, Donal Lunny, Breton legend, Alain Stivell and many others.\r\n\r\n

Donncha Moynihan is a Cork based guitarist and recording engineer. He has toured extensively with various traditional Irish bands worldwide including Lunasa, At The Racket, Bavan, Alan Kelly and The Red Hat Band. His guitar playing has featured on many traditional recordings and he has engineered and mixed a wide range of both traditional and contemporary albums.The album bursts into life with a big band sound featuring a wonderful collaboration with Galician gaita maestro Anxo Lorenzo, British jazz drumming legend Nic France and topclass Irish traditional musicians Christy Leahy on accordion and Deirdre Moynihan on fiddle. Brazilian trumpet player Tonynho dos Santos helps create a wonderful summery sound for a number of tracks throughout the album including The Ivory Lady and The Straits of Sherkin. These contrast beautifully with the explosive track Against the Tide featuring an uilleann pipe bagad in the Breton style. This album is a true groundbreaking collection of music which will be a landmark for many years to come.\r\n\r\n\r\n

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