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Is Duitse a Bheirim Gra - Sile Ni Fhlaithearta

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Ni Fhlaithearta, Sile
\r\nIs Duitse a Bheirim Gr� - S�le N� Fhlaithearta
\r\nCICD 181 Sean-Nos from Connemara\r\n

There is a wonderful sweetness and diversity in this jewel of fourteen songs, presented together for the first time by S�le. Sung in her native tongue, some are songs she heard by the fireside as a young girl in Baile an tSl�ibhe, which echo her heritage and her homeplace - songs like 'An Draighne�n Donn', 'Br�d�n Bh�asaigh' and 'Casadh an tS�g�in', bringing the likes of Antaine � Domhnaill, Fin�n � Connluain and P�dhraic � Ciardha to mind. This collection is enriched by a store of other songs she learned after leaving home and in school, as both teacher and student and are sure to be affectionately remembered by all who call Ireland home. - Meait� J� Sh�amuis, 29 May, 2009. \r\n

1. Is Duitse a Bheirim Gr� \r\n
2. D�nall �g \r\n
3. Br�d�n Bh�asaigh \r\n
4. T�im s�nte ar do Thuama \r\n
5. Johnny (slide) \r\n
6. Eilean�ir na R�n \r\n
7. T�gfaidh m� mo sheolta \r\n
8. Fill, fill a r�in � \r\n
9. Mo Bhuachaill�n Donn (slow air) \r\n
10. An Cail�n Fear�il Fionn \r\n
11. Liam � Raghallaigh \r\n
12. Casadh an tS�g�in \r\n
13. R�l Phaddy Canny (reel) \r\n
14. S� f�th mo Bhuartha \r\n
15. Br�d �g N� Mh�ille \r\n
16. An Draighne�n Donn \r\n
17. Pl�ar�ca Chathair na Mart (reel) \r\n

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