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Over 200 Irish Songs and Dances - Paino & Voice


Over 200 Irish Songs and Dances - Paino & Voice

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Over 200 Irish Songs and Dances
 - That have captured the hearts of music lovers throughout the world
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full piano & voice arrangement, many with guitar chords also\r\n
This expansive collection will provide years of musical enjoyment for anyone who loves Irish music. \r\n\r\n
Nowhere else will you find such a rich array of traditional ballads, airs, love songs, anthems, jigs, reels and hornpipes � along with popular Irish song hits from stage and screen. \r\n\r\n
Just mention a beloved melody and, chances are, you will find it in this essential volume.\r\n\r\n\r\n


\r\n A Country Dance; \r\n A Little Bit Of Heaven; \r\n A Place In Thy Memory; \r\n All The Ways To Galway \r\n ;An Irishman's Heart To The Ladies \r\n ;An Old Reel \r\n ;Another Jig Will Do \r\n ;Apples In Winter \r\n ;Barney's Goat \r\n ;Because You're Irish \r\n ;Behind The Bush In The Garden \r\n ;Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms \r\n ;Billy The Barber \r\n ;Blackberry Blossom \r\n ;Catholic Boys \r\n ;Champion \r\n ;Chorus Reel \r\n ;Come Back To Erin \r\n ;Come O'er The Sea \r\n ;Cruiskeen \r\n ;Cup Of Tea \r\n ;Danny Boy \r\n ;Dawning Of The Day \r\n ;Dear Harp Of My Country \r\n ;Devil's Dream \r\n ;Dick Sand's Hornpipe \r\n ;Down By The River Lee \r\n ;Drops Of Brandy \r\n ;Dublin Bay \r\n ;Durang's Hornpipe \r\n ;Emigrant's Reel \r\n ;Erin! The Tear And The Smile In Thine Eyes \r\n ;Erin, Oh Erin \r\n ;Fairy Reel \r\n ;Father O'flynn \r\n ;Fisher's Hornpipe \r\n ;Flannel Jacket \r\n ;Flogging Reel \r\n ;Fox Hunters' Jig \r\n ;Full Dress \r\n ;Gary Owen \r\n ;Get Up Old Woman And Shake Yourself \r\n ;Give My Regards To Broadway \r\n ;Give Us A Drink Of Water \r\n ;Green Fields Of America \r\n ;Guilderoy Reel \r\n ;Happy Soldier \r\n ;Harrigan \r\n ;Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? \r\n ;Haste To The Wedding \r\n ;Honeymoon \r\n ;Hull's Victory \r\n ;I Love My Love In The Morning \r\n ;If You're Irish, Come Into The Parlor \r\n ;I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen \r\n ;In The Valley Near Slievenamon \r\n ;Ireland Must Be A Garden (If You Are A Wild Irish Rose) \r\n ;Ireland Must Be Heaven (For My Mother Came From There) \r\n ;Irish Lilt \r\n ;Isle O'dreams \r\n ;Jackson's Jig \r\n ;John James O'Reilly \r\n ;Joys Of Wedlock \r\n ;Kate Kearney \r\n ;Kathleen Mavourneen \r\n ;Killarney \r\n ;Killdronghalt Fair \r\n ;Kitty Of Coleraine \r\n ;Kitty Of Oulart \r\n ;Lamplighter \r\n ;Larry O'Gaff \r\n ;Lep Up \r\n ;Let Erin Remember The Days Of Old \r\n ;Little Annie Roonie \r\n ;Liverpool Hornpipe \r\n; Love Thee, Dearest \r\n ;Love's Young Dream \r\n ;Macnamara's Band \r\n ;Macushla \r\n ;March \r\n ;Mary's A Grand Old Name \r\n ;Mickey Donohue \r\n ;Miss Blair's Fancy \r\n; Moll Roe \r\n ;Molly Bawn \r\n ;Molly Brallaghan \r\n ;Molly Malone \r\n ;Mother Machree \r\n ;My Beautiful Irish Maid \r\n ;My Wild Irish Rose \r\n ;Nellie Kelly I Love You \r\n ;Norah, The Pride Of Kildare \r\n ;O Katy O'Neil \r\n ;O'Donnell Aboo \r\n ;Oft In The Stilly Night \r\n ;Oh! Breathe Not His Name \r\n ;Oh! Steer My Bark To Erin's Isle \r\n ;Old Crow \r\n ;Old Lougolee \r\n ;Old Man Dillon \r\n ;Opera Reel \r\n ;Paddy Carey \r\n ;Paddy O'Carroll \r\n ;Paddy Whack \r\n ;Patrick Was A Gentleman \r\n ;Patrick's Pot \r\n ;Peeler's Jacket \r\n ;Peg O' My Heart \r\n ;Peggy O'Neil \r\n ;Peter Street \r\n ;Pretty Lass \r\n ;Remember Thee \r\n; Rickett's Hornpipe \r\n ;Rory O'More \r\n ;Round The World For Sport \r\n ;Royal Irish \r\n ;Salamanca Reel \r\n ;Savourneen Deelish \r\n ;Shamrock \r\n ;Shandon Bells \r\n ;She's The Daughter Of Mother Machree \r\n ;Shule, Shule Agrah \r\n; Silvermore \r\n ;Smash The Windows \r\n ;Soliders' Joy \r\n ;St. Patrick's Day \r\n ;St. Patrick's Day In The Morning \r\n ;Stack Of Barley \r\n ;Strop The Razor \r\n ;Swallowtail Jig \r\n ;Sweet Rosie O'Grady \r\n ;Tatther Jack Welsh \r\n ;Teetotaler's Reel \r\n ;Terence's Farewell \r\n ;That Tumble-down Shack In Athlone \r\n ;The Bag Of Praties \r\n ;The Band Played On \r\n ;The Beauties Of Ireland \r\n ;The Bells Of St. Mary's \r\n ;The Birth Of Saint Patrick \r\n ;The Blackbird \r\n ;The Boy For Bewitching Them \r\n ;The Bunch Of Currants \r\n ;The Clay Pipe \r\n; The Connaughtman's Rambles \r\n ;The Cruiskeen Lawn \r\n ;The Daughters Of Erin \r\n ;The Dear Little Shamrock \r\n ;The Devil Among The Tailors \r\n ;The Emerald Isle \r\n ;The Flower Of Donnybrook \r\n ;The Flowers Of Edinburgh \r\n ;The Frost Is All Over \r\n ;The Galway Reel \r\n ;The Girl I Left Behind Me \r\n ;The Green Fields Of Erin \r\n ;The Growling Old Woman \r\n ;The Harp That Once Thro' Tara's Halls \r\n ;The Hillside \r\n ;The Humors Of Bandon \r\n ;The Humors Of Castle Comber \r\n ;The Irish Emigrant \r\n ;The Irish Jubilee \r\n ;The Irish Washerwoman \r\n ;The Joy Of My Life \r\n ;The Kerry Dance \r\n ;The Kerry Girls \r\n ;The Last Rose Of Summer \r\n ;The Low-backed Car \r\n ;The Maid On The Green \r\n ;The Miners Of Wicklow \r\n ;The Minstrel Boy \r\n ;The Praties Are Dug \r\n ;The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow \r\n ;The Rakes Of Kildare \r\n ;The Rakes Of Sollohod \r\n ;The Real Thing \r\n ;The Redhaired Boy \r\n ;The Rights Of Man \r\n ;The Rocky Road To Dublin \r\n ;The Rose \r\n ;The Rose Of Tralee \r\n ;The Sidewalks Of New York \r\n ;The Sixpence \r\n ;The Snowy-breasted Pearl \r\n ;The Sprig Of Shillelagh \r\n ;The Tempest \r\n ;The Wearin' O' The Green \r\n ;The White Cockade \r\n ;The Wind That Shakes The Barley \r\n ;There Is Not In The Wide World \r\n ;'tis An Irish Girl I Love (And She's Just Like You) \r\n ;Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral (That's An Irish Lullaby) \r\n ;Top Of Cork Road \r\n ;Trip It Upstairs \r\n ;Triple Jig \r\n ;When He Who Adores Thee \r\n ;When Irish Eyes Are Smiling \r\n ;Where The River Shannon Flows \r\n ;Who Threw The Overalls In Mistress Murphy's Chowder? \r\n ;Widow Machree \r\n ;You Can Tell That I'm Irish \r\n ;Young May Moon \r\n \r\n

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