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110 Ireland's Best Fiddle Tunes - Vol 1


110 Ireland's Best Fiddle Tunes - Vol 1

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Ireland's Best Fiddle Tunes - Volume One

This book contains 110 of the best tunes in any fiddler's repertoire, specially chosen and arranged by one of Ireland's top players and teachers. Includes a special feature on rolls, cuts, triplets and other ornamentation as well as spirited jigs, slip jigs, polkas and slides, hornpipes, and reels. Guitar chords included. \r\n
Waltons Publications WM1312CD
A Day At The Races \r\nAn Ball Seirce \r\nBaile And Tsamhraidh (Slide) \r\nBallinasloe Fair \r\nBean A Ti Ar Lar \r\nBegley's Favourite (Slide) \r\nBonnie Kate \r\nBrian O'lynn \r\nBridget's Farewell To Canada \r\nByrne's \r\nCharlie O'donnell's \r\nCiaran Kelly's \r\nColonel Rodney's \r\nConlon's (2) \r\nConnie O'connell's \r\nCooley's \r\nDoctor Gilbert's Fancy \r\nDooney Rock \r\nDowd's \r\nFerry's \r\nFlaherty's \r\nGalway Bay \r\nGeehan's Frolics \r\nGusty's Frolics \r\nHappy To Meet, Sorry To Part \r\nJackie Daly's \r\nJackie Daly's (Polka) \r\nJackie Small's \r\nJames Keane's \r\nJenny's Chickens \r\nJenny's Wedding \r\nJohn Mckenna's \r\nJohn Naughton's \r\nJohn Naughton's Favourite \r\nJohnny Leary's (Polka) \r\nLa Tour A Solette \r\nLarrissey's Favourite \r\nLast Night's Fun \r\nLucky In Love \r\nMaeve's Return \r\nMaguire's March \r\nMartin Power's \r\nMartin Wynne's (2) \r\nMichael Mcauley's \r\nMicheal O Heidhin \r\nMrs. O'sullivan's \r\nO'connell's Trip To Parliament \r\nOne Night In Doolin \r\nPaddy Kelly's (1) \r\nPaddy Kelly's (2) \r\nPaddy's Return \r\nPatsy Touhey's \r\nPhil's Jig \r\nRil John Kelly \r\nScatter The Mud \r\nShinni Ui Mheiscill (Slide) \r\nTeahen's Favourite (Polka) \r\nTerry Teahen's (Polka) \r\nThe Ashplant \r\nThe Back Of The Haggard \r\nThe Blackhaired Lass \r\nThe Brosna Slide \r\nThe Cameronian \r\nThe Carraroe Jig \r\nThe Castleisland Polka \r\nThe Concertina \r\nThe Crock Of Gold \r\nThe Daisy Field (The Wild Irishman) \r\nThe Dutchman's Frolics \r\nThe Earl's Chair \r\nThe Flowing Bowl \r\nThe Golden Eagle \r\nThe Green Fields Of Rossbeigh \r\nThe Hare's Paw \r\nThe High Level \r\nThe Kilfenora \r\nThe Killavil Reel \r\nThe Leg Of A Duck \r\nThe Lilter \r\nThe Maids Of Mitchelstown \r\nThe Merry Harriers \r\nThe Miser's Pocket \r\nThe Mooncoin Jig \r\nThe Morning Dew \r\nThe Newly-Mown Meadow \r\nThe Poppy Leaf \r\nThe Pretty Girls Of Mayo \r\nThe Rambler \r\nThe Reconciliation \r\nThe Roscommon Reel \r\nThe Sailor's Bonnet \r\nThe Scent Of The Bog \r\nThe Scones Of Boxty \r\nThe Skylark \r\nThe Sliabh Luachra (Polka) \r\nThe Star Of Munster \r\nThe Stony Steps \r\nThe Sunny Banks (The Blackbird) \r\nThe Tap Room \r\nThe Tempest \r\nThe Thrush On The Strand \r\nThe Wedding Polka \r\nThe Wheels Of The World \r\nTommy Maguire's \r\nTommy Peoples' (1) \r\nTommy Peoples' (2) \r\nTommy Peoples' Reel \r\nToss The Feathers \r\nUpstairs In A Tent \r\nWhelan's \r\n\r\n

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