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The Walton's Guide to Irish Music - Harry Long


The Walton's Guide to Irish Music - Harry Long

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Long, Harry - The Walton's Guide To Irish Music
00634107 An Indispensable guidebook to the world of Irish and Celtic Music. Includes over 900 entries, fully cross-refrenced,on:\r\n\r\n
-Important musicians, singers and groups, past and present (included recommended recordings)\r\n
-The many types of instrumental music and their connections with dance\r\n
-Irish Song and singing styles\r\n
-The History and development of Irish dancing\r\n
-The main instruments of traditional music and their history in ireland and other countries\r\n
-Music in other countries and regions that have influenced -and been influenced- by Irish music\r\n
-Collectors, cultural organizations and festivals.\r\n\r\n

Illustrated throughout with photographs, drawings and examples of diffrent music forms and types of ornamentation, the Guide also includes a select discography and bibliography, as well as lists of specialist record companies and festival/summer schools.\r\n\r\n

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