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Brathar na nOl - Monks of the Screw Trio

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Monks of the Screw Trio � Brathar na n�l

A thirteen track music collection of tunes from their own area played with great flair by Paudy Scully (flute), Dan Curtin (fiddle), Tim Browne (fiddle). Raymond O'sullivan writing about it says �This is more than just another record, it is an experience. If you are looking for the real thing, then look no further. This is the album for you�.\r\n

The Monks of the Screw are a group of musicians who frequent the Monday night music session at Scully's Pub in Newmarket, Co. Cork. This is their third album to date and it marks a significant departure from the norm for them. Here the brethren are reduced to just three and the tried and trusted blend of two fiddles and a flute. The recording was made with very basic equipment in Paudie Scully's kitchen in Chapel Lane, Newmarket (a suitable address for the Monks). \r\n
Sliabh Luachra to the core\r\n

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