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Old Boots And Flying Sandals - Tim Dennehy


Old Boots And Flying Sandals - Tim Dennehy

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Dennehy, Tim - Old Boots And Flying Sandals
\r\nCD Sceilig Records 006

"Old boots are flying sandals in the morning mist\r\n
A golden garden leads to darkened room\r\n
A rusted cart hoards treasure beneath the ivy's kiss\r\n
The singing milk lilts a silken tune" \r\n

"Old Boots And Flying Sandals ", a compilation of original songs and favourite poems.\r\n\r\n

This, his sixth album, presents a compilation of his own original compositions and poems set to music. Some of these have appeared on previous albums, some are newly arranged while some pieces appear here for the first time. All have been woven from deeply felt emotions, penned from an inner impulse and carefully honed at numerous gatherings of singers, musicians and poets over the last thirty years. These songs have been shared with audiences all over Ireland and throughout Europe and the United States where Tim regularly performs at festivals and teaches at song workshops. \r\n\r\n

The themes are many and varied, from the deeply personal, through the environmental, to the love and loss of the human experience. The songs join the past with the present, not in an over sentimental fashion, but in a spiritual linking of time, imagination and love underlining the power of music, song and poetry. Words and music take flight here whether they are the words of poets Shelley of the seventeenth century or Nuala N� Dhomhnaill of the twenty-first or indeed Tim's own words describing a perfect summer soundscape or a chilling charred Chernobyl. \r\n\r\n

Leave the old boots aside for a while then and allow the intensity and passion, the gentleness and love take flight through the lyrics and music of these songs composed and sung by "one of the finest traditional singer- songwriters of the present time". \r\n\r\n

"These thoughtful and reflective songs help to contribute to an interesting and varied offering from one of the best traditional singer-songwriters of the present time".\r\n(The Living Tradition)\r\n

Leaba Sh�oda \r\n
Old Boots And Flying Sandals \r\n
A Winter's Tear \r\n
Farewell To Pripyat \r\n
Sceilig Mhich�l \r\n
To Jane \r\n
An Nollaig Theas \r\n
Be Still As You Are Beautiful \r\n
I Know What I'm Missing \r\n
Memorial \r\n
The Parted Years \r\n
The Deep End \r\n
Keep In Touch \r\n
The Ballad Of James Meere \r\n
The Cry Of The Mountain \r\n
Scar�int \r\n\r\n

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