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McNally's Row of Flats - Mick Moloney


McNally's Row of Flats - Mick Moloney

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Moloney, Mick-McNally's Row of Flats
\r\nIrish American Songs of Old New York by Harrigan and Braham
\r\nCD Compass 4426
1. McNally's Row of Flats \r\n
2. Are you There Moriarity \r\n
3. The Regular Army-O \r\n
4. Patrick's Day Parade \r\n
5. Danny by my Side \r\n
6. Get Up Jack John Sit Down \r\n
7. Dad's Dinner Pail \r\n
8. Never Take the Horseshoe From the Door \r\n
9. I Never Drink Behind the Bar \r\n
10. The Babies on Our Block \r\n
11. The Mulligan Guard \r\n
12. Old Boss Barry \r\n
13. Such an Education Has My Mary Ann \r\n
14. Maggie Murphy's Home

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