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Chasing the Sun - Karan Casey

$ 18.00

Karan Casey \r\n"Chasing The Sun" \r\n Price: $18-CD \r\n \r\n Karan Casey, ex lead singer for Solas, is one of the \r\nfinest and most respected Irish singers in the world. \r\nThis beautiful album showcases her considerable vocal\r\nskills and her brilliant interpretations of powerful \r\nIrish ballads, and new self-penned songs. \r\n \r\n1. Chasing The Sun \r\n2. When Will We All Be Free \r\n3. The World Looks Away \r\n4. This Time Will Pass \r\n5. The Brown and The Yellow Ale \r\n6. Lady Mary Anne \r\n7. Mother Earth's Revenge \r\n8. Freedom Song \r\n9. The Yellow Furze \r\n10. The Keg of Brandy \r\n11. Waiting for the Snow \r\n12. Bright Winter's Day \r\n13. Jimmy Whelan \r\n \r\n \r\n

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