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William Kennedy Piping Festival

$ 22.00

Presented by the Armagh Pipers club,compiled by Caoimhin\r\nVallely.Live recordings drawn from years of performance\r\nat the most prestigious piping festival in the world.\r\nFeaturing;Michael McGoldrick,Katheryn Tickell,Robert Watt,\r\nRobbie Hannon,Jose Manuel Tejedor,Gordon Duncan,Luigi Lai,\r\nAllan MacDonald,Mick O'Brien,Ceri Rhys Mathews,\r\nAnxo Lorenzo,Tiarnan O'Duinnchinn,Tommy Keane,\r\nCillian Vallely,Moebius Gianni Perilli & Guido Ianetta,\r\nField Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band.\r\n

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