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At It Again - John Carty

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John Carty has to be rated among the most talented \r\nand exciting fiddlers in Ireland today." - Irish Voice \r\n track listing \r\n1. Stoney Steps/Eileen O'Brien's (reels) \r\n2. Far From Home (barn Dance) \r\n3. Seanamhac Tube Station (jigs) \r\n4. Liam Farrell's (Boys of Ballysodare) (slip jig/reel) \r\n5. Miss Monaghan's/John Brennan's (reels) \r\n6. Paddy Fahy's/Mary O'Neill's Fancy (A Variation of \r\nMaude Miller) (hornpipe/reel) \r\n7. The Barge Inn (reel) \r\n8. The Blackbrd/The Monaghan/Mother's Delight \r\n(set piece/jig/reel) \r\n9. George White's Favourite/The Wedding Reel (reels) \r\n10. T Gold Ring/Brian McGrath's (jigs) \r\n11. Flowers Of Spring/ The Wily Old Man (hornpipes) \r\n12. Sligo Maid/London Lassies (reels) \r\n13. Scatter The Mud (jig) \r\n14. Sporting Paddy/Duke Of Leinster (reels) \r\n \r\n \r\n

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