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History of Irish Dancing in North America - John Cullinane


History of Irish Dancing in North America - John Cullinane

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Dr. John Cullinane takes his reader through a fascinating account of Irish dancing in America. The book first published in 1997 and later reprinted in 2001.

The Irish have played a major role in the colonization of North America and it is small wonder that the early Irish settlers contributed enormously to the folk music of America. As early as 1789 John Durang, a dance master in Philadelphia was recorded as having danced reels, jigs and hornpipes. Now the US is home to some of the best dancers and largest feisanna in the world, often setting the latest Irish dance trends for other countries to follow.

Table Of Content

Contribution of the Irish to American/modern tap and jazz dancing

References to Irish dancing in America

Popularity and social importance

Dancing costumes and accessories industry

Early Irish dancing classses in America

Early Cork-Kerry influence, change to Belfast style

100 year old Cork and Kerry steps

Some Early Feisanna

Early Irish dancing costumes

Irish dancing in selected areas of North America:
San Francisco
San Diego
Los Angeles
New York/New Jersey area
New York State
Ohio - Dayton
Boston Area
Washington DC
Florida and Georgia

Irish dancing in Canada:
Toronto area
Vancouver area
Alberta area

Irish dancing organisations of North America

List of North American World Champions

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