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My Name is Napoleon Bonaparte - Frank Harte double CD


My Name is Napoleon Bonaparte - Frank Harte double CD

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CD. No.1\r\nThe long awaited collection of songs from the Napoleonic era, compiled and sung by collector and scholar, Frank Harte and artfully accompanied by Donal Lunny.\r\n\r\n1. Isle of Saint Helena\r\n2. The Nightingale\r\n3. BonnyLight Horseman�\r\n4. Sweet Laurel Hill\r\n5. My Son Tim\r\n6. Napoleon's Farewellto Paris\r\n7. King's Shilling\r\n8. Bonny Bunch of Roses\r\n9. Eighteenth of June\r\n10. Grand Conversationon Napoleon\r\n11. LonelyWaterloo\r\n12. Green Linnet\r\n13. WoundedHussar\r\n\r\nCD. No.2\r\n\r\n1. Mantle ofGreen\r\n2. TheLove Token\r\n3. My Love at Waterloo\r\n4. Armagh Volunteer\r\n6. Dearth�ir�n � Mo Chro�\r\n7. Napoleon'sLamentation\r\n8. Welcome Napoleon To Erin\r\n9. Granuaile\r\n10. YouSons of Old Ireland\r\n11. Napoleon Bonaparte\r\n12. Whiskeyin the Jar\r\n13. Saxon's Shilling

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