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UnCorked! - Jimmy Crowley - CD


UnCorked! - Jimmy Crowley - CD

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UNCORKED! Jimmy Crowley - 14 classic traditional songs from Cork \r\nby this living legend. CD $18\r\n\r\nUncorked - Mick Moloney, February 1998: \r\n"Uncorked is Jimmy's first live recording, and it is \r\nlong overdue because his wonderful communicative skills \r\nhave never been captured on his studio recordings. \r\n\r\n" Every time Jimmy performs live to an attentive \r\naudience, he presents what amounts to a social history \r\nof Cork in the informative and always amusing \r\nintroduction to his songs. \r\n\r\n" He is so entertaining a performer that his friends \r\nand admirers, myself included, have been urging him to \r\nrecord live for years. \r\n\r\n\r\n" All the classic Cork songs that Jimmy has made his \r\nown are here: Salonika; the Boys of Fairhill; and a \r\ndozen or so others. Jimmy is a great lover of the sea \r\nand an avid sailor. His haunting version of \r\nThe Holy Ground gives a new identity to this great \r\nanthem of the port town." \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

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