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String Theory - We Banjo 3


String Theory - We Banjo 3

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The momentum that’s gathered under the collective posteriors of We Banjo 3 is nothing short of Olympian. String Theory, their fourth album, sees them hurtle into the wide blue yonder with a kit bag of exceptional tunes and a propulsive wit that tickles at the perimeter of many of their sets.


With fiddler Fergal Scahill firmly bedded in, the group’s sound is more rounded. String Theory benefits from a panoply of arrangements that buff and polish that fiery banjo ensemble sound. David Howley’s lead vocals have grown in stature along with his songwriting chops, and he reaches sublime heights on the picaresque harmonies of Two Sisters, a 17th-century tale rendered anew by a slew of new verses.


The beautifully executed cover art adds further to the three-dimensional delights of this collection. - Siobhan Long Irish TImes

Release Date: 29th July 2016


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