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Gather The Good - We Banjo 3


Gather The Good - We Banjo 3

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A clever, fun and virtuoisic fusion of Irish and Americana music and song. Take a journey through the rich tapestry of Celtic, Bluegrass and Old Time music with simply the hottest band in Irish music.


"We Banjo 3 are a musical Betty Ford Clinic, almost singlehandedly rehabilitating the much maligned banjo in 4 short years" so said Siobhan Long of the Irish Times writing in CARA Magazine.


Racking up awards along the way such as Concert of the Year in the US and Album of the Year in the US and in Ireland, We Banjo 3 make a bold and extraordinary musical statement.


Don't worry that there are 4 of them, they don't allow numerical hiccups get in the way of break neck virtuosity or their unique exploration of the closely related worlds of Celtic, Bluegrass and Old Time music.


Collectively they have performed live with Mumford & Sons, recorded with Ricky Skaggs, played at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville and are quickly making a huge name for themselves on the festival circuit in America and Europe.


 1. Shove the Pig's Foot a Little Further in the Fire / Fine Times At Our House         3:40

2. Tell Me Why (Gather the Good)         3:51

3. The Bunch of Green Rushes / Salt Creek     4:09    

4. Prettiest Little Girl in the County         3:02

5. Puncheon Floor / Late for the Dance / Sean Reid's     3:53    

6. Get Onboard     4:07

7. The Rocky Road to Dublin / The American Polka 3:57

8. The Long Black Veil         4:59

9. Pressed for Time         3:36

10. It's Hard to Be 3         3:28

11. Down the River Uncle Joe     3:32

12. Old Time Son / Johnny O'Leary's         4:28


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