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Fort of the Jewels - Brian McNamara


Fort of the Jewels - Brian McNamara

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Brian McNamara: uilleann pipes
Benedict Koehler: uilleann pipes
Grainne Hambly: harp
Brian is one of the musical McNamara family from Aughavas in County Leitrim, and has already had a solo album and played on the family recording ?Leitrim?s Hidden treasures?. He has very strong ideas about his music and about how it should be played and recorded. He is also one of the most musical of pipers. On this recording he plays music from all over Ireland, and displays an intimate knowledge of the origins of the tunes, a knowledge which he imparts along with some intriguing nuggets of circumstance. Unusually, there are several piping duets here, where he is joined by his friend Benedict Koehler, and while it is obvious that there are two sets playing, it's very hard to pick out the joins, so perfect is their unison
1. Paddy From Portlaw / Handsome Young Maidens / I Love You Not And I Care Not
  2. Top The Candle / Do It Fair
  3. Captain Locker /Gladstone's Bill
  4. Dun Na Sead
  5. Patsy Touhey's Favourite / Fr. O' Grady's Visit To Bocca
  6. Hug The Bundle / Maloney's / Thomas Reilly Clerk Of Fore
  7. Mrs Crotty's / Humours Of Tullycrine
  8. A Stor Mo Chroi / Biddy From Muckross
  9. Humours Of Glynn
  10. Paddy Fahey's / King Of The Pipers
  11. Spike Island Lasses / Dr. Taylor's Favourite / Green Garters
  12. Hardiman The Fiddler / Arra Mountians / Redican's Mother
  13. Hobble The Boutches / Sandy Over The Lea
  14. Taimse Im'chodladh
  15. Ormond Sound / Connaught Heifers
  16. Kilcooley Wood / The Not So Bashful Bachelor

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