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Brigid's Kiss - La Lugh


Brigid's Kiss - La Lugh

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Brighid's Kiss - Lá Lugh is Gerry O'Connor & Eithne Ní Uallacháin

Lughnasa, 1996

With: Neil Martin, Gilles Le Bigot, Jim Corr, Mario N’Goma, Seanie McPhail, Martin O’Hare, Rose, Dónal & Siubhán O’Connor and Shaun 'Mudd' Wallace

Brighid, whose name means high or exalted one, was the most powerful female religious figure in all of Irish history. She achieved the distinction of becoming a Triple Goddess; a virgin mother, a law maker, a saint and finally a folk image whose shadows still move over Ireland. Her imagery was associated with the sun, moon sacred fires and milk. Her most common symbols the vulture, serpent and cow were also those of Isis, and she was the patroness of poetry. On Brighid’s Day, February 1st, Imbolc, a major feast of the Celtic year, she was said to “breath life into the mouth of the dead Winter”

The Gaelic Song tradition of South Ulster brought to the fore by the Ó hUallacháin family and the generations old spirited fiddle style of the O’Connor family from Dundalk is the well from which Lá Lugh source their work.

In this, their third joint recording, Eithne and Gerry collaborate with eminent Breton guitarist Gilles le Bigot, Angolan percussionist Mario N’Gomo, Irish cellist Neil Martin and the Lá Lugh Band producing an album of imagination and integrity.

  1. Brighid’s Kiss (2:48)
  2. Dónal Dubh (4:27)
  3. Bealtaine Song (4:17)
  4. The Rose in the Garden (4:34)
  5. Tá Sá Ina Lá (3:08)
  6. Nigel and Dianna’s (3:45)
  7. A Bruxo (3:21)
  8. Omeath Music (4:19)
  9. Marquis of Huntley’s (3:35)
  10. Three Generation Jigs (4:20)
  11. Lough Erne Shore (4:46)

The title track, ‘Brighid’s Kiss’ is the heartsong of the album. Inspired by the old Gaelic song to Brighid of Faughart in County Louth, it suggests a new significance to the ancient female deity.

Here too Eithne develops compositional interests initiated on previous albums — compositions firmly rooted in the Gaelic tradition, while influenced by a modern ear. A number of these songs have been recorded by a number of Irish artists including Triniti, the renowned Black Family, Cathie Ryan and Solas.

‘Brighid’s Kiss’ was voted Traditional Music Album of the Year by the readers of the Irish Music Magazine in 1996.

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