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The Lower Road - Paul Meehan


The Lower Road - Paul Meehan

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Meehan, Paul
\r\nThe Lower Road - Paul Meehan


At the end of 2004 guitarist Donogh Hennessy decided to take some time out to develop his own projects. He was replaced by Time Edey and Paul Meehan - two of the most dazzling young guitar/multi-instrument talents in the Celtic genre today. Both shared guitar duties on L�nasa's 2006 release. Paul Meehan is now a permanent member of the band. \r\n\r\n\r\n

1. Feenish (04:27)\r\n
2. Killavil (04:22) \r\n
3. Tailors (04:15) \r\n
4. Valse (03:18) \r\n
5. Quinns (02:56) \r\n
6. St Vincente (04:17) \r\n
7. O'Sullivans (03:59)\r\n
8. Mollys (03:06) \r\n
9. Ancient Rite (03:30)\r\n
10. Sheila on the Segway (02:50

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