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Live in Galway - We Banjo 3


Live in Galway - We Banjo 3

$ 21.00

We Banjo 3
Live in Galway - We Banjo 3

  • Enda Scahill – Banjo, Mandolin, Tenor Guitar
  • Martin Howley – Banjo, Mandolin, Tenor Guitar
  • David Howley – Banjo, Vocals, Guitar
  • Fergal Scahill – Fiddle, Guitar, Bodhrán

It has been a rollercoaster few years since the 2012 release of We Banjo 3's debut album Root of the Banjo Tree.

The Accolades flowed in for the band's second album Gather the Good in 2014.

We recorded this live album at the Roisin Dubh in Galway, over 2 nights in Feb 2015.
This is We Banjo 3 at its raw, cutting edge best.

The album features guest performances by:Jigjam, Damien Mullane, Tom Portman, Norianna Kennedy, Nicola Joyce, Peter Berrill, Pat Corless, Nick Roth, and Kenny Talkowski.

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