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INSPIRED - Damien Connolly


INSPIRED - Damien Connolly

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Connolly, Damien
\r\nINSPIRED - Damien Connolly\r\n
\r\n\r\n1. The Victor's Return: Two Mile Gate (feat. Seamus Connolly & Brendan Dolan) \r\n
\r\n \r\n 2. The Old Timer (feat. Eamon O'Leary) \r\n
\r\n \r\n 3. The Blessings of Silver: In Search of Gold (feat. Eamon O'Leary & Jason Sypher) \r\n
\r\n \r\n 4. The New Box (feat. Oisin Mac Diarmada & Sean Earnest) \r\n
\r\n \r\n 5. Savage Paddy: Miss McGuinness (feat. Oisin Mac Diarmada & Sean Earnest) \r\n
\r\n \r\n 6. Inspired: Remember Luna (Staying With the In-Laws) [feat. Brendan Dolan] \r\n
\r\n \r\n 7. Tell Me Now (feat. John Doyle) \r\n
\r\n \r\n 8. Man from Clare \r\n
\r\n \r\n 9. Sweeney's Dream: The Killaloe Reel (feat. Sean Earnest) \r\n
\r\n \r\n 10. Paddy Go Backwards: Sally Gally (feat. Sally Connolly & Sean Earnest) \r\n
\r\n \r\n 11. The Immigrant (feat. John Doyle & Jason Sypher) \r\n
\r\n \r\n 12. America (feat. The String Fingers Band, Brittany Haas & Chelsea Smith) \r\n

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