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Dally and Stray - CRAN


Dally and Stray - CRAN

$ 20.00
\r\nDally and Stray - CRAN
\r\n\r\n\r\nSean Corcoran - Vocals & Mandocello\r\n
\r\nDesi Wilkinson - Flute, Whistle, Pipes & Vocals\r\n
\r\nRonan Browne - Pipes, Flute, Whistle & Vocals\r\n\r\n\r\n

The 5th album from Cran who just seem to get better & better with music & song from both Scotland & Ireland.\r\n
\r\n1 The Next Market Day (Song) 3:46 \r\n\r\n
\r\n2 Cailleach an Airgead (Song & Jigs)4:08\r\n
\r\n3 T� M� i Mo Shu� (Song)5:00\r\n
\r\n4 Hunt & Droketty (Jig Marches)2:44\r\n
\r\n5 T� F�in (Song)4:20\r\n
\r\n6 Ask My Father (Single Reels)1:53 \r\n
\r\n7 Barbara Allen (Air & Tunes)4:48 \r\n
\r\n8 Giolla Na Scr�ob (Song)4:22\r\n
\r\n9 O C� Bheir Mi Leam (Song)1:46 \r\n
\r\n10 The Forger's Farewell (Song & Air)6:58\r\n
\r\n11 The Humours of Glin (Piece & Reels)5:09\r\n
\r\n12 �r� St�r (Song & Reels)\r\n

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