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How To Tune A Fish - Beoga


How To Tune A Fish - Beoga

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\r\nHow To Tune A Fish - Beoga

\r\nThe unique sound of Beoga, the five-piece traditional band based in County Antrim, features the twin dueling accordions of Se�n �g Graham and Damian McKee, four-time All-Ireland bodhr�n champion Eamon Murray and pianist Liam Bradley along with the vocals of one of Ireland's premier young singers, Niamh Dunne.\r\n
\r\n Beoga's debut release, Mischief, made The Boston Globe's �Best of 2007� list with their signature mix of Irish traditional music with nuances of bluesy riffs, Astor Piazzola-style jazz, and a raunchy New Orleans jamboree vibe. Beoga's fourth album, HOW TO TUNE A FISH delivers more fresh and lively compositions from the Irish quintet.\r\n
\r\n An explosive and quirky collection of melodies and songs with the Beoga stamp present from the start, HOW TO TUNE A FISH is set to capitalize on the group's popularity as they captivate\r\naudiences on a global scale with their blend of passion, energy, and vitality.\r\n
\r\n1) Reels & Polka: The Chewing Gum Bots - How To Tune A Fish - Horsey Legs\r\n
\r\n2) Slides: It's Gonna Tip - Why You No Like-a My Sticky Buns ah?\r\n
\r\n3) Song: Home Cookin'\r\n
\r\n4) Ballymacaldrick\r\n
\r\n5) Reels: Dolan's - The Green Chairs\r\n
\r\n6) Song: Woman of No Place - Margaret Barry excerpt\r\n
\r\n7) Air: Hay Days\r\n
\r\n8) Song: Come In Out of the Rain\r\n
\r\n9) Brad's Early Night - The Humours of Taupo\r\n
\r\n10) Song: Our Captain Calls All Hands\r\n
\r\n11) Back in the Lab - Red Silk Pyjamas - I Married A Chinese Woman\r\n
\r\n12) 12 Minute 5\r\n

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