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Play On - Celtic Fiddle Festival


Play On - Celtic Fiddle Festival

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Celtic Fiddle Festival
Play On - Celtic Fiddle Festival

1. La Belle Catherine / Le Step A Ti-Phonse / Reel A Toto
2. Leaving Brittany
3. Arthur Darley's Swedish Jig / Stan Chapman's Jig
4. Dans Fisel / Ar Bonomig 
5. Le Printemps / Maison De Glace
6. Itzikel 
7. La Rachoudine / Reel A Tido 
8. Promenade / Sonny's Mazurka \r\n
9. Planxty Whitbread / Lord Galway's Lamentation \r\n
10. A March / Meloudia / Al Letanant Schmitt \r\n
11. O'Carolan's Concerto / Loftus Jones \r\n
12. Droiou, An \r\n

Kevin Burke (fiddle);\r\n
Christian Lemaitre (fiddle); \r\n
Andr� Brunet (fiddle); \r\n
Ged Foley (acoustic guitar, fiddle).\r\n

"The original trio was founded Kevin Burke (Ireland), Christian le Ma�tre (Brittany), and Johnny Cunningham (Scotland). Cunningham's untimely death in late 2003 left the ensemble heartbroken and artistically in the lurch, so it is a pleasure to see them back in action. The new member is Andr� Brunet, a Quebec-born fiddler whose searing double-stops, bouncy rhythmic aplomb and high spirits have helped Burke, le Ma�tre and guitarist/fiddler Ged Foley to, well, play on. Taped during live performances in Portland, Oregon, the twelve tracks contain tunes from each player's native country plus another from Israel. Each of the Celtic sources offer a profusion of dance styles and reflective slow airs and these are well represented. But a stately interpretation of Carolan's Concerto, in which ancient Irish harp music mixes with baroque compositional styles, and Leaving Brittany, a piece composed by Cunningham about wishing safe passage to departed friends, are particularly memorable. --Christina Roden \r\n

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