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The Blue Dress - Shannon Heaton


The Blue Dress - Shannon Heaton

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Heaton, Shannon
\r\nThe Blue Dress - Shannon Heaton
\r\nCD The Blue Dress (2010)


Boston-based Irish flute player/singer Shannon Heaton brings exquisite skill, heart, and sass to the music she writes and performs. Irish American News dubbed her Female Musician of the Year (2009), and named her latest album with husband Matt Heaton �Trad Fusion Album of 2010.�\r\n\r\n

For �The Blue Dress,� her first solo album, Shannon focuses fully on the Irish flute (instead of featuring her usual mix of vocals, tin whistle and flute playing). Using her favorite blue dress, a bright vintage composition of lace and satin, as creative inspiration, the album celebrates the exquisite beauty and lyricism, as well as the roots-based power of tradition, with just a touch of whimsy.\r\n\r\n

The album also features stellar guest accompanists Maeve Gilchrist (harp), Paddy League (bodhran/percussion), Liz Simmons (guitar), and regular collaborator Matt Heaton (guitar/bouzouki). "The Blue Dress" contains time-honored traditional tunes, as well as a handful of Heaton originals, all arranged with care and class.\r\n\r\n

Shannon Heaton's new flute CD features special guest musicians Maeve Gilchrist, harp; Matt Heaton, guitar, bouzouki, bodhran; Paddy League, bodhran, percussion, guitar; and Liz Simmons, guitar\r\n\r\n


\r\n1) 44 Mill Street \r\n
2) 99 High \r\n
3) Blue Dress Waltz \r\n
4) Dennis Watson's \r\n
5) Against the Grain \r\n
6) Nights on Caledonia Terrace \r\n
7) Grandfather's Thoughts \r\n
8) Red Molly \r\n
9) Frost Place \r\n
10) Aunt Jane's Trip \r\n
11) Irish Washerwoman \r\n

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