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Sugach Samh - Happy Out - Niamh Ni Charra


Sugach Samh - Happy Out - Niamh Ni Charra

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Ni Charra,Niamh
\r\nSugach Samh: Happy Out - Niamh Ni Charra
\r\nCD 2010

S�gach S�mh / Happy Out, is the latest album from Killarney musician Niamh N� Charra, and showcases her impressive talent and versatility with a wide-ranging selection of tunes on fiddle and concertina, as well as songs in Irish and English. Following on from her award-winning debut recording, �n D� Thaobh / From Both Sides, this new album displays a developed sense of musical confidence and maturity.\r\n\r\n

Niamh crosses various musical boundaries in her choice of material, contrasting the global with the local, the old with the new. \r\n

Guest musicians include:\r\n
Donagh Hennessy, \r\n
Trevor Hutchinson,\r\n
Robbie Harris, \r\n
Manus McGuire and \r\n
Denis Carey.\r\n\r\n

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