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The Living Stream - Matt Cranitch & Jackie Daly


The Living Stream - Matt Cranitch & Jackie Daly

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Cranitch, Matt & Jackie Daly
\r\nThe Living Stream - Matt Cranitch & Jackie Daly
\r\nCD 2010
\r\n [MJM001] \r\n\r\n

For many years, Matt Cranitch (fiddle) and Jackie Daly (accordion) have been among the foremost interpreters of the rich Sliabh Luachra tradition of instrumental music. The unique cultural area on the borders of northwest Cork and east Kerry provides a special repertoire of tunes as well as a very distinctive style of playing, and has long been a source of inspiration for both Jackie and Matt. Through their respective performances over many years, they have established enviable individual reputations in the world of Irish traditional music. Together however, the vibrant music that they create displays an additional collaborative dimension. Furthermore, their music attests in a very comprehensive manner to the continuing relevance of the living stream of traditional music in Ireland today. \r\n

1. The Tenpenny Bit / Art O'Keeffe's (Jigs)\r\n
2. The Breeches Buttoned On / The Rakes of Merlot (Polkas)\r\n
3. The Heather Breeze / Tap the Barrel / The New-Mown Meadow (Reels)\r\n
4. Con Carthy's Favourite / Maurice Manley's Slide / Neil� (Slides)\r\n
5. Tom Connor's Hornpipe / An Tr� is a Rian (Hornpipes)\r\n
6. Ceo ar Mhuisire (Air)\r\n
7. The Kanturk Jig / The Ducks in the Oats / Farewell to Ballinahulla (Jigs)\r\n
8. Eileen's Polka / Bill the Weaver's Polka (Polkas)\r\n
9. John Slattery's Reel / Mount Collins / The Glountane Reel (Reels)\r\n
10. An Ghlaise Bheo / The Glountane Slide / The Man from Glountane (Slides)\r\n
11. The Gullane Polka / The Blackwater Polkas (Polkas)\r\n
12. Caoineadh an Spailp�n (Air)\r\n
13. The Green Mountain Boys / The Light of the Moon (Barndances)\r\n
14. Craig's Reel / Hickey's no. 2 / Quinn's Reel (Reels)\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n

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