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Seanchas - Danu


Seanchas - Danu

$ 22.00
\r\nSeanchas {Lore, Tradition, Mythos} - Danu

It has been over five years since Danu have released an album. This is put out on their own label and is a cracker! It sounds as polished as ever and Muireann's voice is getting more beautiful with time.\r\n

1-An Staic�n Eornan (Song)\r\n
2-The Glen Cottage, John Brosnans, Peata An Mhaoir (Polkas)\r\n
3-Cail�n na n�rla Donn (Song)\r\n
4-Snug in the Blanket, Patsy Geary's (Jigs)\r\n
5-The Boys Of Barr Na Sr�ide (Song)\r\n
6-Murphy's Hornpipe, Lord Gordons (Hornpipe, Reel)\r\n
7-Mala� na gCuach N� Chuilleann�in (Song)\r\n
8-Fiona's Arrival, O'Connells Trip to Parliament (Jig, Reel)\r\n
9-Clancy's Farewell To Whiskey, An Dro des Petits Bateaux (Air, An Dro)\r\n
10-Never Tire Of the Road, The Green Fields Of America (Song, Reel)\r\n
11-Apples In Winter, The Frost is All Over (Jigs)\r\n

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