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Dinnseanchas (Lore of Places) - Coscan


Dinnseanchas (Lore of Places) - Coscan

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Coscan\r\nDinnseanchas (Lore of Places)- Coscan

\r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

In a wonderful mixture of instrumental and vocal offerings they give a full-bodied introduction to Irish music at its best. From their local Tara Jig, the opening track, their expertise and love of the music is apparent and lives right on through to the thirteenth track.\r\n\r\n

The intoxicating blend of voices, fiddle, whistles, accordion, guitar, keyboards and percussion on this album embraces the best of Irish traditional music while also going beyond to explore other musical avenues. Like the tales that made up the ancient Irish Dinnsenchas, it aims to evoke a sense of wonder and delight in the places to which its music travels. The passion and energy that marks Cosc�n's live performances has been powerfully captured on this studio recording, which cannot be compared to anything else in contemporary Irish music.\r\n\r\n

1.The Tara Jig � (4:08) \r\n
2.Mui�eira de Pontesampaio � (3:03) \r\n
3.The Boys of Ballinlough / The Stackallen Reel � (6:18) \r\n
4.Si�il a R�in � (4:06) \r\n
5.Alturas � (2:27) \r\n
6.Caballo � (5:04) \r\n
7.The Tinvane � (5:06) \r\n
8.Dogovic Goes East � (5:16) \r\n
9.The Kilbeg Air � (4:28) \r\n
10.Lament for Paul Byrne / Dancing through the Gates of Heaven � (3:13) \r\n
11.The Stuck Stone Set � (5:07) \r\n
12.Still Waiting � (6:51) \r\n
13. Sweeney's Buttermilk / The Musical Priest � (2:50)\r\n

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