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Down To Us - Patrick & Cathy Sky


Down To Us - Patrick & Cathy Sky

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Sky, Patrick & Cathy
\r\nDown To Us - Patrick & Cathy Sky

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1.Reels: The Girl That Broke My Heart/ Callaghan's/ Connaught Heffer\r\n
2. Set dance:jig; The Drunken Gauger/ Jackson's\r\n
3. Reels: Galtee Ranger/Speed the Plough/Stewart's Longbow (reels)\r\n
4. Mars�il an Fhiadh (The Deer's March)\r\n
5. Jigs: The New House/Slopes of Sliabh Luachra/Dan Collins�Favorite\r\n
6. Hornpipes: The Stranger/ Pol Ha�Penny\r\n
7. Jigs: West Clare Jigs:Scully Casey's/The Yellow Wattle (fiddle \r\nsolo) \r\n
8. Reels: Paddy on the Lake/Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh/Lad O'Beirne's\r\n
9. Jigs: Phillip Martin's/Newport Lasses\r\n
10. Reels: Land of Sunshine/Lori Cole's Dawn\r\n
11. Reels: The Scholar/Miss Monaghan's (piping solo)\r\n
12. Hornpipes: Plains of Boyle/The Fairy's Hornpipe\r\n
13. Reels: Cat That Ate the Candle/Reck's Farewell to Erin/The (old) Woman of \r\nthe House\r\n
14.The Blackbird Suite\r\n
15. The Old Bush Reel/Spike Island Lasses\r\n
16. Aisling Gheal\r\n\r\n

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