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Safe Home - Round The House


Safe Home - Round The House

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Round The House - Safe Home

Round the House is: \r\n
Sharon Goldwasser � fiddle \r\n
Dave Firestine � mandolin, bouzouki, banjo \r\n
Mark Robertson-Tessi � guitar, mandolin, bouzouki \r\n
Claire Zucker � vocals, bodhran \r\n\r\n\r\n

(1) Miss MacLeod's Farewell To Chastity / The Guns of the Magnificent Seven (reels) 3:18 \r\n
(2) Rory Og McRory (song) 3:36 \r\n
(3) The Goat on the Green / The Gudgeon of Maurice's Car / Old Man Dillon (jigs) 3:45 \r\n(4) Amhr�n Pheadar Breathnach (song) 4:30 \r\n
(5) Coleman's March (march) 3:27 \r\n
(6) The Monaghan Jig / Humours of Whiskey / Leslie's March (jig/slip jig/jig) 3:46 \r\n
(7) I Courted a Wee Girl (song) 5:25 \r\n
(8) Exile of Erin / Conlon's Reel (reels) 4:18 \r\n
(9) Thatch Cabin (song) 3:54 \r\n
(10) Lament for the Country House Dance (air) 2:26 \r\n
(11) Lovely Irish Maid (song) 4:19 \r\n
(12) Contradance Set: Accordion Crimes / Ichabod's Last Ride / Hughie Traver's (reels) 5:20 \r\n
(13) As I Roved Out (song) 5:41 \r\n
(14) Humours of Ballyloughlin / I Buried My Wife and Danced on Her Grave / The Banshee Wails over the Mangle Pit / Gravel Walk (jigs/reel) 5:01 \r\n
(15) Castle of Dromore (song) 4:32 \r\n\r\n\r\n

A dynamic band with great musicianship and energy brings authentic Irish music, with a twist of Tucson(Arizona), to concert, contradance, and festival stages. Their traditional songs and dance tunes (jigs and reels, hornpipes, etc) flow from driving to tender and back again. Fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bouzouki and bodhran lift the tunes, and surround and support the clean and lively vocals. Known for creating great rapport with audiences, they have a enthusiastic following that is growing every year. \r\n\r\n

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