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Sea Of Hearts - Mary Greene


Sea Of Hearts - Mary Greene

$ 18.00
Greene, Mary
Sea Of Hearts - Mary Greene\r\n

1 Clear Blue Skies
2 Eleanor October
3 Sea of Hearts
4 The In-between
5 The Sign
6 Little Fingers
7 Shadowland
8 Groove Around the World
9 Rules of Love
10 After All Was Cast Away\r\n

Now available, the brand new solo song collection from Mary Greene, SEA OF HEARTS featuring melodic, folkpop songs with thought provoking, heart warming lyrics, sweet harmonies and masterful playing from guests Noel Shine, Martin Leahy, Andre Van Der Hoff, Ton Nieuwenhuizen, Joe Thoma and Tony O Flaherty. Guest vocalists, Sadie Shine, Ellen Shine and The Cuckoo.\r\n\r\n

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