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The Antarctic Ballads - Cliff Wedgbury


The Antarctic Ballads - Cliff Wedgbury

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Wedgbury, Cliff - The Antarctic Ballads

1. The Ballad of Robert Falcon Scott\r\n
2. Soldier, Soldier\r\n
3. The Ballad of Ernest Shackleton\r\n
4. The Ballad of Teddy Evans\r\n
5. Where The Icebergs Flow\r\n
6. Sailor Boy\r\n
7. Ballad Of The Invalid\r\n
8. Sweethearts & Wives\r\n
9. Daddy Will You Tell Us\r\n
10. Emily's Song\r\n
11. Each Dawn Seems So New\r\n
12. Ballad of Tom Crean\r\n

About Cliff Wedgbury \r\n
Cliff Wedgbury is a Cork-based poet, playwright, performing artist and broadcaster, born in London in 1946. His formative years were spent in the folk clubs, jazz clubs and second-hand bookshops of the Charing Cross Road area in London. He began writing during these years and a selection of his work appeared at this time in an anthology published by the Greenwich Poetry Society. A Cloverdale competition prize-winner in 1993, he was published in the United States where his work was compared with the French poet, Jaques Prevert. With other musicians and songwriters he contributed to the CD entitled 'Sex, Sca and Sedition(The New Ballads)' issued by Free State Records in 1998. His first collection of twelve original songs, entitled 'Back to the Islands', was released in 2002 and included the widely broadcast 'Ballad of Tom Crean'. This was followed by 'Songs from a Soho Basement' in 2005 and 'Antarctic Ballads' in 2006. He has published five collections of poetry, the last being 'a lingering adolescence' from Belfast Lapwing in 2007. In October 2007, he was included in the anthology of poetry and lyrics, 'Che in Verse', published by Aflame Books to acknowledge the 40th anniversary of the death of Che Guevara.
Wedgebury \r\n \r\n

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