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On Common Ground - Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford


On Common Ground - Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford

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Crawford, Kevin
\r\nKevin Crawford & Cillian Vallely - On Common Ground
\r\n \r\n

L�nasa Duo, Kevin Crawford and Cillian Vallely have recently released a new album entitled 'On Common Ground'.\r\n\r\n\r\n

The combination of uilleann pipes and flute is rare in duet recordings of traditional music and the duo have utilised the unique tonal qualities of their flat-pitched �C� instruments to record the music on this album. The tunes have been sourced from various manuscripts, archives and field recordings but there are also a number of new, self-composed pieces. In addition, Kevin and Cillian play a variety of low whistles and are accompanied on guitar by two of Ireland's most recognised and respected guitarists, Donal Clancy and Paul Meehan.\r\n\r\n

1) The Millhouse reels\r\n
2) Dominic's Farewell jigs\r\n
3) Man From Moyasta slow reels\r\n
4) The Periwig reels\r\n
5) The Leading Role reels\r\n
6) Visit To Ireland jigs\r\n
7) The Birds hornpipe/fling\r\n
8) Legend of Lisalway jigs/reel\r\n
9) Ulrchill a' Chreagain slow air/reels\r\n
10) The Ivory Bowl single jigs\r\n
11) Nuala's Bonnet reels\r\n
12) Helvic Head jigs\r\n

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