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The Maker's Mark - Tony McManus


The Maker's Mark - Tony McManus

$ 17.00
McManus, Tony - The Maker's Mark
\r\nCOMP 4500 2009\r\n

On The Maker's Mark, Scottish guitarist Tony McManus melds two of his great passions, Celtic music and a series of some of the finest acoustic guitars being crafted today. It is an unparalleled mix as McManus� playing, which has been called �faultless... atmospheric and evocative...� (BBC, Radio 2) with �ferocious technique� (The Herald, Scotland), meets it match in the form of fifteen expertly paired instruments, courtesy of North Carolina's Dream Guitars shop.\r\n\r\n

1) Inveran/The Devil In The Kitchen/Locheil's Away To France \r\n
2) Donal �g/The Lea Rig \r\n
3) Chanlaneru \r\n
4) The Maids Of Mitchelstown \r\n
5) N'Kosi Sikelel Afrika \r\n
6) The Rolling Waves/Martin Wynne's \r\n
7) Lochaber Dance/Chloe's Passion \r\n
8) The Laird Of Drumblaire/The Margaree Reel \r\n
9) An Ciarraioch Mallithe/Muirerann's Jig \r\n
10) Do�na/Parov's Daichevo \r\n
11) S� Dolce �'l Tormento \r\n
12) Reel De La Sauvagine \r\n
13) Sliabh Na mBan \r\n
14) Coast River \r\n
15) Valse De B�lugas \r\n

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