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The Irish Scattering CD - Seane Keane


The Irish Scattering CD - Seane Keane

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Keane, Sean - The Irish Scattering CD\r\n
Live Concert recorded at The Black Box, Galway, March 28th and 29th 2008. With guests the Cunningham Dancers, Spanish dancer Flavia Alverez Fernandez, renowned accordion player M�irt�n O`Connor, Gary O`Briain on keyboards, Tommy Keane on pipes, Simon O`Dwyer on ancient horns and bodhraun, Arty McGlynn, Seamie O`Dowd and Pat Coyne on guitars, Sean Regan on fiddles, mandola and `clicking`, Paddy Higgins percussion, Rick Epping mouth organs, concertina and jew`s harp, Jason Langford double bass, duet guest Fionnuala Deacy with Sandra Joyce, Rander Moraes, Merriam Dike, Catherine Njemanza and Alex Fience on backing vocals. M�irt�n Jaimsie � Flaithearta presents two readings.\r\n\r\n

With 15 on CD, the energy of these fantastic concerts is palpable. The theme of the show is the Irish scattering; this is a musical celebration of the wanderlust of Irish people through the ages, starting fifteen hundred years ago and bringing the theme right up to the present day. All movements in and out of Ireland are recalled, so that the music reflects the happy and sad events in the Irish history of emigration. Those who have lately come to Ireland from other countries are welcomed and celebrated in song. \r\n

CD Tracklisting \r\n
1. Horns/Dear Little Isle/Banish Misfortune \r\n
2. Fare Thee Well, Enniskillen \r\n
3. On the Shores of Newfoundland \r\n
4. Shenandoah \r\n
5. High on a Mountain \r\n
6. Montserrat/Swallow's Tail (M�irt�n O`Connor) \r\n
7. Fare Thee Well Love (Duet) \r\n
8. Paddy`s Green Shamrock Shore \r\n
9. One Way Ticket \r\n
10. Far Away in Australia \r\n
11. Grosse Ile \r\n
12. Dyddling and Clicking (SeanKeane/Sean Regan) \r\n
13. Exile \r\n
14. The Shipyards and Gdansk \r\n
15. The Fields of Saskatchewan \r\n
16. Journey Round the Sun \r\n \r\n \r\n\r\n

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