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The Tempest - Robbie Hannan


The Tempest - Robbie Hannan

$ 22.00
Hannon, Robbie - The Tempest
\r\nThe Ace and Deuce of Piping Volume 3
Uilleann Pipes NPU CD\r\n

Track Listing:\r\n\r\n
1. Reels: The Flax in Bloom / Corney is Coming (3:28)\r\n
2. Jigs: Cailleach an Airgid / Sergeant Early's (2:29)\r\n
3. Air and Fling: The Rocks of Bawn / Kitty got a clinking coming from the\r\nRaces (4:03)\r\n
4. Jigs: Old Hag you have Killed me / Strop the Razor (2:59)\r\n
5. Reels: The Broken Pledge / The Tempest (3:33)\r\n
6. Jigs: The Langstern Pony / Down the Back Lane (3:07)\r\n
7. Reels: The Holly Bush / The Last house in Connacht (3:27)\r\n
8. Jigs: Se�n Bu� / P�draig O'Keeffe's (2:29)\r\n
9. Reels: Bunker Hill / The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2:43)\r\n
10. Air: The Bold Trainor O (3:04)\r\n
11. Reels: The West Wind / Se�n Reid's Fancy (2:59)

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