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In Tandem - Kevin Burke & Ged Foley


In Tandem - Kevin Burke & Ged Foley

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Burke, Kevin & Ged Foley - In Tandem
2005 CD

Since 1994, when they first met, Kevin and singer/instrumentalist Ged Foley have played a lot of music together but In Tandem is their first duo recording. It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows their music that this CD is a work of smooth, unhurried elegance.

With a minimum of studio effects, the sophistication of the production skills and musical craftsmanship is very much in evidence as is to be expected from two musicians who for many years have been playing music at the highest level of the genre. 

In Tandem presents the listener with both the intimacy and immediacy of a deeply personal, almost private, performance.

Tracks: \r\n
1. - The Long Acre / Cuz Teahan's
2.- Across the Black River/Paidin O'Rafferrty
3. -The Proud Man 
4.- Never was Piping so Gay/The Culfodda/The Graf Spee
5.- We Work the Black Seam
6.- The March of the Crows / The Long Note 
7.- The Roscommon Reel/McGovern's/Fred Finn's
8. -Johnny Todd
9.- Suite De Loudeac
10. Mick Ryan's Lament
11. The Rambling Pitchfork 

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