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The Maid Of Sweet Gurteen - Carmel Gunning


The Maid Of Sweet Gurteen - Carmel Gunning

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The Maid of Sweet Gurteen
\r\nCompiled for the Michael Coleman Heritage centre by\r\nCarmel Gunning
\r\nMichael Colman Heritage Centre Limited 2007

Carmel Gunning is well known throughout Ireland - and further afield - as a musician, teacher, singer, composer, author and researcher. This collection presents the words and music of 48 songs that she has collected from archival recordings, personal acquaintance and popular publications, plus 11 recitations dealing with humour, history and fantasy.\r\n\r\n

With an accompanying CD of Carmel herself singing the first verse of every song.\r\n
An Buachaillin Donn\r\n\r\n
The Ballad of Erin's Hope\r\n\r\n
The Boys from County Mayo\r\n\r\n
My Native Town of Boyle\r\n\r\n
Moorlough Mary\r\n\r\n
The Parting Glass\r\n\r\n
The Maid of Sweet Gurteen\r\n\r\n
The Fields Around Aclare\r\n\r\n
The Green Bushes\r\n\r\n
The Hill of Knocknashee\r\n\r\n
The Johnny Jump-Up\r\n\r\n
The Lotto Song\r\n\r\n
Mother M� Chro�\r\n\r\n
The Old Claddagh Ring\r\n\r\n
My Old Sligo Home\r\n\r\n
John Mitchell\r\n\r\n
The Frog in the Garden\r\n\r\n
The Bould Thady Quill\r\n\r\n
The Boatman of Lough Key\r\n\r\n
Up the Banner\r\n\r\n
The Widows Message to her Son\r\n\r\n
and many more.......\r\n\r\n

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