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Stories in Song Vol 1 - Tim Browne


Stories in Song Vol 1 - Tim Browne

$ 40.00
Browne, Tim - Stories in song Vol.1, PDF Book file version\r\n
a miscellany of songs, lyrics and anecdotes from Duhallow with accompanying CD\r\n
�Pull out the Choke� (available separately for $20)\r\n\r\n

This is the title of a book which has recently been published by Moses Bridge Publications.. It contains 61 songs, 35 poems and some stories. It's a collection compiled by Tim Browne of songs and poems/songs written chiefly by Duhallow songwriters/poets or the content of the material is relevant to Duhallow. The CD has fifteen songs from the collection on it and musical notation is included in the book for over twenty-five more of the songs. The recording has some dance tune selections also.\r\n

A very interesting feature of the publication is that it has a Glossary/Gluais included with over 400 entries There are also a number of essays/stories thrown in for good measure and the book is loaded with interesting pictures and frames.\r\n\r\n

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