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Cloudy Day Navigation - Grada

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Gr�da "Cloudy Day Navigation"
\r\n CD DVD
\r\n \r\n\r\n

Cloudy Day Navigation is a CD of new material beautifully packaged in a digipak \r\nwith a bonus DVD of live performances. \r\n\r\n

Produced by Trevor Hutchison (L�nasa, Sharon Shannon). \r\n\r\n

Featuring special guests Alison Brown, Bill Blackmore, Tola Custy, Dave Hingerty, Trevor Hutchison, Vyvienne Long, Wiremu Namana and Rasmus Skovmand. \r\n\r\n

Now well established in Irish music circles, Gr�da � both collectively and \r\nindividually � continue to win new fans via an intense concert schedule (US and \r\ninternational) and numerous appearances as sidemen. Flautist Alan Doherty is \r\nnow being widely heralded for his solo performance on the film score of The Lord \r\nof the Rings trilogy. Between them they have played with such a diverse range \r\nof performers as Damien Dempsey, Louis Stewart, Damien Rice, Bill Whelan and \r\nColdplay's lead singer, Chris Martin. \r\n\r\n

In the six years since the formation of the band, Gr�da's original compositions \r\nhave matured as they continuine to broaden and refine their sound. In addition to \r\ntraditional songs and tunes, Cloudy Day Navigation boasts material drawn from \r\nSusanne Vega, Sony Condell, Leslie Harris, and Emily Smith. Also included is a \r\nbonus DVD of gorgeous live concert footage. \r\n\r\n

Alan Doherty: Flutes, Whistles, Vocals, Percussion \r\n
Andrew Laking: Double Bass, Vocals, Guitar \r\n
Colin Farrell: Fiddle, Whistle \r\n
Gerry Paul: Guitars, Vocals \r\n
Nicola Joyce: Vocals, Bodhran \r\n\r\n


1. Snow Leopard The Champion / Mr Brennan's Psychological Problems / Snow Leopard \r\n
2. River \r\n
3. Lazy Sunday Morning / Monday Morning Community Centre Meeting \r\n
4. Maria Letizia's / Foot to the Pedal \r\n
5. Steerer John Begg \r\n
6. Cathain\r\n\r\n

Track Listing\r\n
1) Cooler at the Edge \r\n
2) Twenty-One Foot Man \r\n
3) Fifty-ninth Street \r\n
4) Red Civic \r\n
5) Carousel of Life \r\n
6) The Queen and the Soldier \r\n
7) Maria Letizia's \r\n
8) River \r\n
9) Lazy Sunday Morning \r\n
10) The Eighteenth of June \r\n
11) The Gammel Dansk \r\n
12) Steerer John Begg \r\n \r\n

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