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The Dove's Perch-Jeff Moore


The Dove's Perch-Jeff Moore

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Moore, Jeff-The Dove's Perch

More than a year in the making, The Dove's Perch is a collaborative work with some of traditional music's top players - James Keane, John Williams, Brian McNeill, Mark Stone\r\n

Jeff Moore is one of the most notable Irish musicians living in the Southwest. A highly sought-after accompanist in the Celtic genre, Jeff has performed with many of traditional music's top players such as Jerry Holland, James Keane, Brian McNeill, John Williams, Mark Stone, Ed Miller and John Taylor. Versed in many tunings and style of play, Jeff is also known for his arrangement and composition of exquisite finger-style melodies. A passionate singer with a 'fire-side' voice, Jeff has a respectable collection of traditional and modern Irish & Scottish songs in his repertoire.\r\n

TRACKs: \r\n\r\n
1. Welcome Poor Paddy Home\r\nwith James Keane (accordion)\r\n\r\n
2. Song of the Isles / Jackie Tar\r\nwith John Williams (concertina)\r\n\r\n
3. Song of the Hammers (Brian McNeill)\r\nwith Brian McNeill (fiddles) Mark Stone (bodhran)\r\n\r\n
4. March for the King of Laois / Lavalla (James Keane, SOCAN) \r\nwith James Keane (accordion)\r\n\r\n
5. The Dove's Perch (Jeff Moore) / Humours of the Quarry Cross / Kiss the Girl Behind the Barrel\r\nwith James Hamilton (flute) Mark Stone (bodhran)\r\n\r\n
6. Only a Miner (Andy Irvine)\r\n\r\n
7. Roslyn Castle\r\n\r\n
8. King of the Pipers\r\nwith John Williams (accordion)\r\n\r\n
9. The Death of Queen Jane / An Air for Henry (Jeff Moore) \r\nwith James Hamilton (vocals, flute)\r\n\r\n
10. 'P' Stands for Paddy\r\nwith Heather Gilmer (fiddle)\r\n\r\n
11. Honeychurch (Jeff Moore) / Sporting Paddy / Tear the Calico\r\nwith John Williams (accordion) Mark Stone (bodhran)\r\n\r\n
12. Miss Hamilton\r\n

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