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Honk Toot Suite-Eamonn Coyne & Kris Drever


Honk Toot Suite-Eamonn Coyne & Kris Drever

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Coyne, Eamonn & Kris Drever-Honk Toot Suite

�The clear, earthy tone of �amonn's four-string banjo amplifies the effect of his sharp picking, while Kris Drever 's percussive chords and driving bass runs keep feet tapping.� - The Halifax Herald \r\n\r\n

Renowned tenor banjo player �amonn Coyne teams up with guitarist Kris Drever on Honk Toot Suite. This eminently appealing collection of tunes and songs showcases the gifts of each of these talented Celtic musicians in turn. The concept behind the music was simple: both �amonn and Kris (son of Ivan Drever) contributed music \r\nthat reflected the different styles that have influenced their playing over the years. Traditional tunes and songs were complemented by the addition of several original compositions. The end result is one of the most enjoyable duet albums to be released in the genre in recent years. \r\n\r\n

Tracks: \r\n
1. House Jigs \r\n
2. Lucy's Swamp \r\n
3. The Peninsula Set \r\n
4. The Viking's Bride \r\n
5. Lakeside Barndances \r\n
6. Roscommon Reels \r\n
7. Walking in the Dew \r\n
8. Glencoe to Gort \r\n
9. Cock-A-Doodle \r\n
10. Twenty Quid \r\n
11. Honk Toot Sweet\r\n

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