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The Love Token - MACDARA


The Love Token - MACDARA

$ 23.00
O Conaola,MacDara-The Love Token

MacDara loves every aspect of music and this comes across in his singing. He is a native of the Aran Island of Inishere and is in tune with nature. He spots what is beautiful in his surroundings and recognizes the perfect song for him. Equally he has the ability to surround himself with the best exponents of Irish music creating a dream team of musicians. The album is co-produced by MacDara and M�ire Breatnach.There is some lovely musical accompaniment by M�ire Breatnach, Johnny McDonagh, Bill Shanley, Danny Byrt, Paul Gunning, Mick O'Brien and MacDara's sister, singer Lasairfh�ona. \r\n

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