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The Fairy Bridges - Josephine Keegan


The Fairy Bridges - Josephine Keegan

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Keegan, Josephine-The Fairy Bridges
\r\n Traditional Irish music played on solo fiddle
\r\nwith accompaniment by:
\r\nKathleen Gavin-piano
\r\nNiall O Callanain-bouzouki

\r\nJosephine is as well known for her piano accompaniment as she is for her fiddling. On previous fiddle albums she has provided her own accompaniment, but on this one she has Kathleen Gavin on piano. She is also a prolific and highly reputed composer who has travelled widely and met musicians from all over the world. The music on this album reflects these aspects of her life, with tunes from Scotland, Shetland and Cape Breton beside a wide selection of old Irish pieces and ones she composed herself. These latter are very musical, and ones like �The Biloba Blossom� and �Planxty Nicholas Carolan� will definitely stand the test of time. And what a fiddler! \r\n\r\n

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